Greg Roaf, Social Educator

Greg Roaf has worked with kids for the past eleven years. Greg is an inspiring, intuitive, and dynamic teacher, no matter what subject he is focusing on.

Greg loves to be around young people. His effervescent personality and easy sense of humor makes working on difficult topics and situations manageable for kids. Greg openly talks about his challenges growing up with a diagnosis of ADHD. He very naturally understands the roadblocks his students face, and is a master at coaching them around, through, and over them. Greg taught social skills alongside Katy Shamitz and other members of the Skills for Living team before taking over his own groups in 2014.

In addition to his work at Skills for Living, Greg currently teaches math at South Shore Public Charter School.  He is an active member of his church community, where he leads the high school youth group.  Greg is a graduate of Gordon College. He is the proud uncle to ten nieces and nephews. He lives in Rockland with his wife, Anna, and young sons, Lewie and Charlie.