Rob Shamitz, Engineer / Scientist

Rob Shamitz, BSME is a real live engineer and the Dad of two incredibly inquisitive
kids who love to ask questions. Rob’s labs help kids explore their scientific curiosity while having an unreasonable amount of fun.

As a mechanical engineer, Rob has worked in the automotive industry, helped Titleist manufacture the perfect golf ball and has designed everything from automatic faucet and toilet valves to underwater robots (AUV’s). Rob has several patents including those for electromechanical valve design, capacitive sensing switches and illuminated customer activated switches.

Kids get a kick out of Rob’s quick humor and energetic teaching style. His passion for science and engineering comes through whether he is helping a first grader dump a tube of Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke or guiding a teenager through the steps of dismantling an alarm clock. Rob makes science exciting!