What people are saying about Skills for Living…

“Skills for living has been such a positive experience for my family. Katy and the staff, especially Ann, have been so wonderful to my daughter and my family. S4L is not just about teaching your child with asperger’s, NLD or ADHD social skills. They are about listening and learning about every child and helping that child be the best they can be. Not only have the instructors given my daughter the skills she needs to interact with her peers appropriately they have given her the confidence to use those skills successfully. The girls in my daughters skillls group are so welcoming, accepting and friendly. When we walk in the door we hear the girls in happy voices say “Abby’s here!” Makes me smile every time! S4L is a place where my daughter knows she is not alone in her social struggle. It has also given me support from the instructors and the parents I talk to in the waiting room. My daughter’s teachers have said how proud they are of her and how much she has come since the beginning of the year. She works so hard every day on her social skills and S4L has been a huge part of her success!”
Tina, Abby's mom
“There is no where like Skills for Living. Katy has an amazing energy about her and she has created a caring, dedicated team. It is our second home.  It has given my son a place to fit in, feel safe, and make great friends. All this and he is learning social skills too!”
Donna, Parent
“Skills is my favorite place to go. I get to play fun games with my friends and meet new ones.”
Michael, age 11
“Skills for living has been a community of individuals who have made raising our son with “social issues” easier. They have been a source of information and support for his social development as well as a place of learning of life’s skills. “I know that a friend is someone that is kind” was a long time coming but a welcome sign of growth in our son, thanks to this program.”
Lynda, Sam's mom
Because of the Skills for Living staff’s commitment to my daughter, she has made a real friend! My daughter had one of her group mates over for a sleep over! She also went to a party at another Skills student’s house, and has met up with kids for movies. Thank you so much.
Joan Callanan, Whitman, MA
We wanted to thank you for all that Skills for Living did for our daughter. Her time with the program was so beneficial. She is growing into a confident, self-assured young lady socially, she is involved with school mates, and is included in the many different social activities that she never imagined possible. We both agree her maturity and growth came from her being a part of Skills for Living. Thanks you for helping her through her difficult time …now only if we could get her to clean her room!
Parents of a freshman girl, Hanover, MA
The Skills for Living staff has been a life saver for my family, especially my teenage daughter. Since she was about 8, she has been struggling socially and academically. Academics can be taught and dealt with by most school systems, parents, doctors, etc… Social issues can’t. That’s where Skills for Living has been able to help. Kids are made to feel accepted for who they are and are taught what they need to do once they are in social situations. This is an ongoing process but with help from the Skills staff I know it is possible and that we are not alone.
Kim Ralston, Weymouth, MA
Skills for Living not only taught me techniques in socializing and explained the complexities of interacting, but also uncovered what I didn’t know was there. Through 1:1 coaching, I was able to see the skills that I had along, simply blurred by insecurities. I learned how to show the whole world- including myself – the confidence that was residing within me.
Jeff, College Freshman
Having struggled with shyness and anxiety as a child, I know how stressful life can be, even at age 10! Skills for Living understood that I was not looking to change my son, but instead provide him with tools that would allow him to be himself and have fun in the process. After about six group sessions, my son seemed to turn a corner onto a road of confidence and improved self-esteem. I highly recommend Skills for Living to anyone who suspects their child might benefit from it, because he or she will!
Parent, Fifth grader
Skills for Living is a fun place for kids to go and meet kids from many different towns, including their own. While you are there, you get to socialize with other kids. On top of that, you learn skills that can be useful in life in a fun, interactive way (as you eat pizza). Skills for Living is so much fun, I always want to go and never want to leave. I believe that all kids would enjoy Skills for Living as much as I do, no matter how young or old they are! Trust me, you will be thanking your parents for having you go.
Patrick, Eighth grade boy
Skills for Living has given my son the ability to experience the amazing gift of friendship. Through individual work, my son came to understand what he could not put into words. In less than one year, with 1:1 social skills work and group work, my son has progressed from being very lost socially to now showing emerging social skills he is successfully using to build new friendships. Skills for Living has truly changed my son’s life!
Jennifer, Mom of a fifth grader
S4L is a great help to young children. I worked with S4L when my daughter had some issues standing up for herself and feeling good about who she is. They were able to come in and quickly figure out what was needed to nurture my child’s social growth and development. Without question, I recommend talking with S4L about coaching for both your child and you!
Parent, First grade child
Our daughter has struggled with both an undiagnosed learning disability and learning how to forge her own friendships.
She became very discouraged and frustrated as a result. Skills has bridged gaps and helped her learn to succeed despite her challenges. What a powerful tool- one that will help her for the rest of her life. We have both noticed that the weekly 1:1 meetings have helped her build (and maintain) confidence, and truly become more at peace with herself. The S4L team has a natural ability to immediately connect with children at their level, help the child identify strengths, determine personal goals, and follow through to success. Skills has also been invaluable to us as parents; we need help as much as our daughter does! I recommend Skills for Living whenever I meet a parent looking to help their child.
Parent, Fourth grade child