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What’s with all this “Link” talk?

We've got a new word we're using around Skills... you might have noticed it starting to sneak into Facebook posts, calendars, or conversation: "The Link." "Wait- what? What link? A chain link? An online link? The guy from Zelda?" No. The Link. At Skills for Living. The Link is the name we are using to [...]

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Dear College Student:

There are so many tips I would like to give the 18-year-old in the middle. Most of all: Just enjoy the ride.I hear you- questioning, wondering, doubting. You are unsure of your relationships, plans, and decisions. You are staring down the tunnel of your future- wobbly on where you will end up… who you will [...]

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A delayed apology

If I had a time machine, I'd go back to my childhood, but bring my adult perspective with me. I want the opportunity to hug the little boy who was most likely abused and neglected. His clothes always looked worn and smelled like cigarette smoke. I wish I could go back- this time, armed with [...]

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Kindness is Complicated

The following is a guest blog post by Jeff Whitney. Jeff is currently serving as a lead intern in the Skills for Living summer program. This is Jeff's third summer at Skills for Living. Prior to interning, Jeff was a Skills student. Jeff will be a senior at UMass Amherst this fall.       [...]

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The Family that Marches Together (or, Thank you Mom and Dad.)

My dad is making this table for the Chapman Farm School silent auction on Sunday. It's beautiful, strong, and one of a kind. I love this photo for two reasons: 1. It reminds me of growing up. My dad always had a project on his workbench... A dollhouse, a rocking chair, or a piece of [...]

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Emotional Landmarks

I drove by this spot today. It's a spot where almost one year ago, I stuffed my sister Amy and nephew James, and their two friends and baby son into my PT Cruiser and drove the hell out of Boston. It was April 15, 2013... about 45 minutes after the bombs went off. Amy and [...]

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Failing sucks- and is totally necessary for growth.

Well, I failed again today. Two years ago, I spoke at the National Conference in my field. It was truly a big-giant-social-education-nerd-festival (in the best of all possible ways). I met people who loved their work as much as I did, and had big, crazy-awesome ideas to share. I learned a ton. I couldn't wait [...]

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Dear Teacher… Hear me out…

I love my seven year old son IMMENSELY. He is a gentle, compassionate, thoughtful child. But this kid SERIOUSLY needs to stop throwing me under the bus. This morning, in our house: "Tyler, I just opened your bag and yesterday's snack and drink are still there. Why?" "Oh, because I couldn't find it. I told [...]

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Two big problems (Made by you).

Yesterday was a pretty rotten day in our house. At 7:30am, my phone went missing. It was one of those super-long-I-have-a-million-people-to-meet-with days. I had no time for a missing phone. My five-year-old, Jennie, has had a life long interest in gathering random household items, stuffing them in little containers, and hiding them. Last week, I [...]

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We are on your side, Malcolm

     Malcolm is a Skills for Living original.  Always cheerful and up for an adventure, Malcolm is a loyal, thoughtful, delightfully goofy presence at Skills- he's been an active part of our community from the very moment I opened our doors three years ago.      Malcolm is a force of optimism and energy. [...]

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