Personalized Coaching for Kids, Teens, and Parents

Personalized child and family coaching is an effective, efficient process that empowers school aged children to meet a variety of personal goals.  Coaching is particularly helpful in improving Social Thinking® skills, building confidence, making (and keeping) friends, enhancing organizational habits, dealing with bullying, and managing emotion.

Since every child is unique, individual coaching sessions are specifically designed around individual learning styles and comfort levels.

Through role play, crafts, games, activities, and conversation, children gain an awareness of personal strengths, learn strategies to build on their areas for growth, and gain confidence as they experience success.


Parents are a child’s first teacher, nurturer, and strongest advocate… and they need support, too. Individual and group coaching for parents is available.  Free parent education sessions and social opportunities are also offered on a regular basis.

School Observations and Consultations

Sometimes, when a child struggles socially or has a diagnosed specific need, communication with school personnel can become complex.  As parents and experienced public school educators, we understand the passion, commitment, and frustrations that sometimes arise when working toward the common goal of educating the individual child.

Through school observations, consultations, and programming, we are often able to assist families and educators in working together toward a shared goal.