Social Groups are our Specialty!

Small groups provide an opportunity for dynamic, intentional, social teaching and practice. The experience feels like a play group, youth group, or extracurricular activity to the children involved.  A combination of direct social teaching and guided free time, kids look forward to the active, energetic nature of group time. Parents appreciate the skills their children learn in a comfortable, interactive setting.

Groups can be a good fit for many of kids- with or without an identified social learning challenge. We thoughtfully group children with like-minded peers. Staff to student ratio is between 1:3-1:5, and are facilitated by experienced professionals.

Our students have taught us that for social education to work well, great care must be taken when placing kids in a group with his or her peers. We carefully consider each student’s social development, cognitive profile, chronological age, and strengths and interests when creating groups. For this reason, it is expected that each child and family meet with a Skills for Living staff member prior to enrolling in a group.

Group Pricing and Policies

For school year 2016-17, students participating in a social group are billed $170/month. or $1600/entire school year (36 groups). We do not meet on school holidays.

We understand life happens, and occasionally classes are missed. We cannot issue refunds or credits, but will be happy to offer a drop in pass to our recreational programs.

In a snow/weather emergency, group is automatically cancelled if the Norwell Public Schools in town are closed; otherwise, closings are at the director’s discretion. A make-up class will be offered. Closings are communicated via Facebook and email.