Join us for another awesome season of Pokémon® at The Link!

SCHEDULE: Saturdays 1:00PM – 2:00PM
COST: $20 Drop-in Fee or use a Club Card and save!

Pokémon is a drop-in program for students of all ages who love to play and discuss Pokémon! Students are invited to bring their cards, DS games, and all other Pokémon gear! Costumes and cosplaying are also welcome!

Because Pokémon draws such a wide age range, younger trainers are invited to learn from our more experienced trainers.

Pokemon-Girls-Skills-for-LivingPokémon Fans will enjoy focused social time with fellow Pokémon Trainers. Pokémon card and Pokémon DS game battles will be facilitated by our Link Advisors. Pokémon Club concludes with Pokémon Shuffle – a chance to win a Pokémon card from the Club’s collection!

Because the Pokémon game for the Nintendo DS allows students to play together in a multi-player mode, we feel it is a good opportunity for kids to learn sportsmanship and social expectations of the gaming world, which has become increasingly important aspect of kids’ social development. Game interactions (as well as social interactions) are encouraged, monitored, and facilitated as needed by our Link Advisors.

**Guideline for Pokémon Club success:

The Link at Skills for Living is a vibrant, energetic, (and sometimes noisy!) community center. Students who have solid verbal communication, can tolerate joyful noise, and can independently take care of their bathroom needs will find a comfortable home here.


Upcoming session dates for this program.