Science Masterminds is back at Skills for Living!

SCHEDULE: Seasonal Sessions
Elementary: 1:00PM – 2:00PM
Middle & High School: 3:00PM – 4:00PM
COST: $150 / Session |  $400 for all 3 Seasons

 Fall: Physics and Engineering

Fall 2016 dates coming soon!

Using Newton’s laws of motion, we will predict the outcome of hands-on experiments. We’ll build things, launch things and learn all about magnetism. How things work will be a focus which will include trouble shooting and disassembly of electronics and other household items (donations of exciting and functioning machines/electronics are requested).

Winter: Chemistry and Electrical Science

Winter 2016 dates coming soon!

Using the scientific method we will discover how the structure of matter at the atomic level causes chemical reactions and how their outcomes can be predicted and analyzed.We’ll design our own electrical circuits and use the power of electricity (safely) to have some fun!

Spring: Natural and Life Sciences

Spring 2017 dates coming soon!

We’ll explore the natural world and our impact upon it with a focus on sustaining and protecting the environment. Also, the immediate surroundings and ecosystem in “our backyard” will be explored including geology, insects, animal and plant identification (bring your rock collection!).

In the meantime,

Check out some hands-on, high-interest, super awesome SCIENCE LABS!


Upcoming session dates for this program.